Fairplay Replication

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Our History

Fairplay Replication is run by a small team who have worked together for over ten years and in this respect we are like a family company. We have seen many changes in the CD manufacturing business but the one unchanging requirement is for clear and reliable customer service and the fact that many of our customers have been with us for years, speaks for itself.

Richard Ellin owns the company and still works full time with it. He is a dedicated musician and runs two of his own record labels and is therefore in a position to advise our customers on a variety of relevant matters.

Nine years ago Richard decided to move from central London to rural Wales to the picturesque Derw Mill, a move that we have not regretted for a moment, we have recently move to an even more beautiful location at Waunifor.

We work with individuals, record companies, choirs and large corporate customers, the length and breadth of the UK. We work with the very experienced and with those who are approaching their first ever CDs. In all cases we aim at the best quality of results with the smoothest journey through the process as possible.

You are welcome to call us to have a preliminary talk, or to visit us before proceeding with your project. We can put you in touch with long standing customers who will give you their frank appraisal of our services.