Fairplay Replication

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Our Business

We handle a million units a year, CD, DVD, and CD Rom, MC and Vinyl. We print on the CD itself in both silk screen and litho print according to the intricacy of your on-body design.

We offer a range of packaging including the finest quality Digipaks, the full range of standard jewel cases with booklets, inlays or J cards, and a range of wallets.

We produce from 500 units upwards.

As a manufacturer, we accept your production material in factory ready condition, but in some circumstances we can offer assistance to the production of your material through our mastering and design partners.

Our turnaround is steady throughout the year at inside three weeks from the time we receive your parts, to the return of your finished CDs.

Like all manufacturers, we accept that the CD business vocabulary can be baffling and even off-putting, and we quickly demystify all terminology for you so that we proceed on the basis of clarity and straight forwardness.

We are called Fairplay because it summarises our values of being honest, direct and fair at all times. Everyone knows that CD manufacture is precise and there can be many snags and hold ups and even human error in the process. We can give you our assurance that we do not hide complications and we have long experience in steering though problems to the very best solutions.

Fairplay Replication Ltd is part of the Fairplay group of companies.