Fairplay Replication

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We hope that this part of our web site explains the most important things you will need to know about getting your production material ready. If there is anything you need further explanation about, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We always say that time spent in going backwards and forwards with information at this stage is far quicker in the long run than once your material is approaching production in the plant!

Your Audio Master


Your audio master may be sent to us on a CDR mastered to Red Book standard, (which most recording studios now do as a matter of course) an Exabyte, a DDP file on CDR or DVDR, or a replicated CD.

Important Points to Remember

Your master is replicated exactly as it is sent to us. You need to be 100% certain that it is exactly as you wish it to be, including all timings.

Your master should be fully pq coded….that means the timings of your whole CD and the individual tracks have been encoded into the master.

If supplying a DDP file on CDR or DVDR, you will need to indicate that this is the type of file supplied, to avoid confusion.

You must have full legal rights to replicate the material you send us. See link to MCPS.

If ISRC coding is required (a recording code which is a unique and permanent identification for a your recording that assists in identifying it for royalty payments) See link to ISRC Codes.

We advise you to keep a copy of your master.

The maximum length of an audio CD is 79 minutes but please advise us if the total playing time of your CD is longer than 76 minutes.

Your DVD Master


Your DVD master may be sent to us as a DLT (Digital Linear Tape) or a DVDR (recordable).

Important Points to Remember

A DVD programme must be fully authored before it can be accepted as a master. You can do this yourself or we can organise this for you.

If you require CSS encryption, please make sure you have enabled your DLT at the authoring stage.

send us… your production material.

Please ensure that your production material is packed carefully so that it does not get damaged in the post.