Fairplay Replication

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If you are unsure of any artwork terminology, click here for an explaination.

The things to remember with preparing an artwork are:

Notes about the above if you are not familiar with the terminology.

Booklet refers to the booklet at the front of CD jewel case.

Inlay Card (sometimes known also as back tray card or just tray card) refers to the one piece of paper at the back of the CD jewel case.

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) refers to the 4 colour printing process used by all professional litho printers. It is used for all paper parts and for litho print on the CD itself, but not for silk screen print on the CD itself.

RGB (red, green, blue) refers to the way digital colour is produced, such as your computer screen or a digital camera. We can not use anything sent to us in RGB as professional litho printers’ software can not read it. It is ‘computer colour only’.

DPI means dots per inch that make up the image.

1-bit refers to black and white with no greyscale.

Grey scale is black and white and the 256 levels of grey in between.

Bleed refers to an artwork area, beyond the outside edges of your design, but necessary to incorporate into your design to allow for good quality cropping (cutting) of your booklet or inlay.

Trim means the line where your booklet or inlay is going to be cut.

Inkjet printouts refer to computer printouts.

What you need to send us… your production material.

Please ensure that your production material is packed carefully so that it does not get damaged in the post.